A Guide to Hahndorf

My Guide to Hahndorf in the Adelaide Hills

By Michael D’Angelo

Situated in the Adelaide Hills, Hahndorf is Australia’s oldest surviving German settlement dating back to the 1800’s. While many visitors come to the town to get a glimpse of the past, Hahndorf and it’s bustling, tree lined street, is increasingly acknowledged for being a modern, trendy location to wine and dine. The town was also recently announced as South Australia’s most pet-friendly destination as well! Check out these must see and do’s for Hahndorf and have a ‘guten tag’!

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Wine, Beer & Spirits

Whether it’s wine, beer or gin, the Adelaide Hills region is dotted with over 100 youthful wineries and distilleries, all offering different methods and varieties, including sparklings which the region is well renowned for. In Hahndorf’s main street are boutique winery cellar doors, such as Somerled and Hahndorf Hill. The Hahndorf Inn, which also owns the Adelaide Hills Wine Centre, is where visitors can taste and purchase a vast assortment of wines from across the region. For more than 150 years, however, the family-owned Hahndorf Inn has become an icon delivering authentic local and imported German beers and food. In recent years, Ambleside Gin Distillery has taken off to be a hit in the town with its picturesque setting, sipping one of the handcrafted signature gins while nibbling on a tasty local food platter - an experience not to be missed.

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Food, Food & Food

Taste the way through the main street of Hahndorf with an incredible range of traditional German cuisines as well as numerous specialty establishments. One favourite of the Adelaide Hills region, walking distance from the main street, is the Beerenberg Farm, where you can freshly pick your own strawberries. From November to April, discover the flavour that no supermarket can match in hunting the perfect strawberry or relish in the farm shop’s range of jams, sauces and condiments all year round. Deep in the heart of the Adelaide Hills, Udder Delights is the birthplace of handmade artisan cheese that offer unique experiences including fondue and cheese-making classes. For all the sweet tooths, a visit to the Hahndorf Sweets and Menz FruChocs Shop are a must in the town as these stores bring back confectioneries from yesteryear. Whether it’s finding sweets from your childhood or tasting South Australia’s family-owned iconic sweets, the delectable FruChoc, this experience will not be forgotten!

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Hahndorf is a shopper’s paradise, from fine art galleries, quirky antique stores and great souvenir stores, you will enjoy perusing the range of independent retailers along the main street. Hahndorf is a unique town where exploring the main street is a combination of walking the past, with plenty of German culture to take in along the way, to a taste of the future with trendy galleries. Discover items and hidden treasures in a range of antique and homeware shops or pick up an addition to your wardrobe and look the bell of the ball.


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