Five Reasons to Visit the Barossa Valley Chocolate Company

Five Reasons to Visit the Barossa Valley Chocolate Company

By Penny Reidy, from Itchy Feet Family

A visit to South Australia is not complete without a tour of the Barossa region. Famous for its amazing wine and produce, the Barossa now has a third reason to visit - Chocolate. In 2019 the Barossa Valley Chocolate Company opened its doors creating an interesting additional stop to your Barossa Food & Wine Experience day trip.

Here are my top five reasons to make your way to the Barossa Valley Chocolate Company at the end of your Adelaide Sightseeing day tour and some of the exciting things fellow chocolate-lovers can expect.

Five Reasons to Visit the Barossa Valley Chocolate Company

1. Wine and Chocolate Pairing

Most people know of, and visit, the Barossa region to sample the amazing wines. Some of the best wines of the world come from this part of South Australia and so the Barossa Chocolate Factory has very cleverly mixed the love of chocolate and wine together at their chocolate cellar door.

A paddle of wines, served with an accompanying square of chocolate, is a fantastic pairing that allows your taste buds to be open to the delights of the two worlds that both compliment and enhance each other.

Squares of white, milk and dark chocolate were served with a paired wine from the region - a fantastic excuse to enjoy two guilty pleasures in the one sitting.

2. See the Chocolate Fountain

Nothing says the holy grail of chocolate than that of a chocolate fountain. Childhood memories of Willy Wonka come flooding back when you enter the doors and are greeted with a flowing wall of chocolate.

Unfortunately the staff will not allow you to stick your finger (or your face) into said fountain of chocolate - but I have to say after a morning of sampling wines in the region I dare say I was not the only person to have had that thought!

Five Reasons to Visit the Barossa Valley Chocolate Company

3. Sample the Chocolate

Whilst dipping into the chocolate fountain is discouraged, sampling of a featured chocolate of the day is allowed. On our visit we were tempted with a chocolate coated spearmint and dark honeycomb and it was delicious! I may have sampled more than the allocation of one - but also bought a box to take home so didn’t feel too guilty about sneaking a second (or third) helping.

Sampling is a great way for visitors to try the chocolate on offer and a sure way to tempt you into a purchase, or why not even try one of their delightful nine hot chocolate flavours!

Five Reasons to Visit the Barossa Valley Chocolate Company

4. Buy a Chocolate Koala

We all know that thousands of international travellers go through this region and that vistiors are fascinated by the koala and other Australia wildlife. The Barossa Valley Chocolate Company has paired the love of chocolate with the love of the Koala and feature a boxed chocolate koala named Benni as their mascot. I had to get one.

Whether you are after a unique Australian gift, or a traveller looking for a quirky souvenir - Benni the chocolate koala ticks both boxes.

Five Reasons to Visit the Barossa Valley Chocolate Company

5. Watch the Chocolate Making Action

And if you want to know how it is all done, a glass walled workshop in the store brings the back end operations into the visitors view. There is no wondering how the goodness is put together, simply view the workshop through the glass wall as you wonder through the store.

Chocolate is melted, shaped and boxed right in front of your eyes – it’s fascinating to watch.

There are plenty of other reasons to visit - what would you add to the list?

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