The safety and enjoyment of our guests is of the upmost importance to us. We therefore require each passenger to complete the below Fitness to Travel form and accept the terms of the Passenger Cruise Contract within 48-hours of booking confirmation.

It is your obligation to advise us if your health is in doubt due to a recent illness, surgery, injury, medical treatment or existing medical condition. In some circumstances we may require you to provide some additional information which includes, but is not limited to, an up-to-date medical certificate from your doctor and/or further details of your carer. Should your medical health change between submission of this form and your cruise departure date, we require you to notify our sales team on 1300 729 938 or [email protected].

This form allows you to add up to 6 passengers travelling in your booking. If you have more than 6 passengers in your booking, please complete a new form for the remaining passengers.

We look forward to welcoming you on board the Murray Princess.

* indicates a required field.

Fitness to Travel Form

Emergency Contact Person 

Main emergency contact, not travelling on the cruise

Main passenger details 

Contact and fitness to travel details of the booking holder

Do you require mobility aids or medical equipment to travel? 

e.g. walking stick/frame, wheelchair, oxygen tanks, sleep apnoea machine etc.

Is your travelling companion or carer able to assist with your mobility or medical requirements during your stay? 
If you are travelling by yourself or without a carer, will you be able to look after yourself unassisted in every aspect during your stay? 
The cruise will stop at several riverside locations for onshore activities. Will you be able to navigate the gangway or uneven terrain either unassisted or with the assistance of your travelling companion or carer? 
If you have answered No to the above question, do you understand that you may not be able to take part in some or all onshore activities during your stay? 
Add another passenger

Please add the details of every passenger in the booking

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